This week in Bitcoin- 9-6-2019- eToro CEO Yoni Assia: BTC, Altcoins, ETH, Libra, Trading

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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welcome to this week in bitcoin today is
September the 6th 2019 strong hand one
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oh my we have a very special show today
Yaya Xia is here he is the CEO and
founder of eToro the world’s largest
social trading network oh you’ve heard
about it before you’ve seen it
advertised I’ve seen advertised um we’re
gonna get a ceo’s perspective on the
space on Bitcoin on cryptocurrency on
the future and the great thing is on
September the 10th at the D and DD
summit which will be linked to below and
yannis info will be linked to below I
will be moderating a discussion between
him and OD and we’ll talk more about
that later so a my big question here is
what what is a social trading network in
your definition mean this is what
eternal is people are very curious about
so eToro today is basically the largest
social trading network in the world with
11 million registered users who can
trade stocks from 15 different exchanges
indices commodities ETFs currencies and
crypto currencies in one of the
brokerage accounts around the world and
then the reason it’s a social network is
because everybody actually automatically
publishes their P&L their month by month
basically performance and you can see
the trade by trade data of all of the
users on the platform and you can see
follow and automatically copy top
traders from all around the world so you
can find someone who did twenty five
percent returns in each of the last
three years trading UK stocks German
stocks and a bit of
Krypto when you copy him with a let’s
say $1,000 what it does it copies his
entire portfolio in the same proportion
to your thousand dollars and every time
he trades it trades in your account at
the same time in the same price so let’s
say he holds an account you don’t know
how much money is in the account but 10%
of his account is in Bitcoin 10% is in
Google and 10% is in Facebook you copy
him with $1,000 it’ll open on those
thousand dollars a hundred dollars in
Google a hundred dollars in facebook a
hundred dollars in Bitcoin and every
time he trades will trade proportionally
at the same time the same price in the
same amount all right now it is the
crypto currency aspect of the business
is it completely separate from the
tradition because you’ve had this
business for quite some time I mean uh
since since before there was
cryptocurrency or basics so it is a part
of the same platform were one of the
very few regulated brokers in the world
who offer our users to trade both crypto
and stocks within basically the same
platform the same user interface you can
copy people who invest both in cotton
both in stocks and in cryptocurrencies
and maybe even in traditional currencies
so everything is a unified experience
you do also have our blocking wallet so
if you want to you can come on and
basically buy a Bitcoin on the platform
and then transfer those bitcoins into
our multi-sig multi blockchain wallet
there where you can basically transfer
the assets now you’ve got a whole shirt
on right now so not only are you a
traitor and you want people to trade and
again I am a holder Adam I’m asking you
all these questions about trading but uh
you see it do you see Bitcoin as a a
savings account also III wouldn’t
necessarily say savings I think I don’t
love that term I think Bitcoin I love it
as an asset class I think it is a first
Stav its kind as a digital native asset
I think it’s brand awareness around the
world is you know and has the brand
awareness of the coca-cola in Starbucks
at least in my little echo chamber so I
definitely believe Bitcoin is here to
stay and is here to stay as the king of
cryptocurrencies I but I do think that
it should be a part of a portfolio and
people shouldn’t have all of her savings
and all of their investments only in
crypto we need to remember it’s a risky
asset class stocks capital markets those
are going to be here even if Bitcoin
supersedes and takes over all the fiat
currencies in the world
you’re still gonna eat McDonald’s and
drink Starbucks so I think in general
people need to remember it’s a great
asset class like by the way anything
gold is an interesting asset class as
well I think it has a huge potential
upside but it needs to be a part of the
portfolio a part of your asset
allocation and not all of it
okay well let’s dig a little deeper down
so you’re saying that the asset class is
cryptocurrency or the asset class is
Bitcoin is Bitcoin a completely
different animal than the rest of the
all points I think it’s simply you know
it’s it’s its its king so for a lot of
people when you talk about crypto and
Bitcoin it’s it’s synonymous especially
those outside of the ecosystem I think
to asset class so again let’s take this
a bit macro I think I I love Bitcoin but
I also love blockchain which is a bit
different some Bitcoin maximalist saying
blockchain is complete bollocks and you
know it doesn’t make sense to talk about
the technology when I started trading
Bitcoin a lot of it was because I was
excited about the technology and the
reason for it is because I run a fin
tech company I have been connected to
the banking system and
trading venues and liquidity providers
of the world so I truly understand how
wrong broken the current financial
services industries from a technical
point of view and I think the concept of
blockchain and digital native assets is
a revolutionary concept that should be
applied to every single asset in the
world and those are and let me just
explain what are those features I my
requirement by the way both of the
businesses and as a person is for every
native asked for any financial asset
that I hold I want to have the ability
to transfer the ownership to my own
account and and remove it so if it’s in
a bank or a broker I want to be able to
move it to my own ledger and to move it
to whomever I want I think that’s a
feature that’s a great feature that any
financial assets need to have as part of
the definition of what is a digital
native asset and if that happens then
we’re talking about a transition a buyer
know a hundred billion dollars into the
blockchain so all of those new assets
whether you know tokenized assets
whether stable coins whether it’s Libra
those all fall under or sort of an
umbrella of crypto assets or digital
native assets and I’m a very big
believer in that transition in parallel
to Bitcoin as a store of value and as a
hedge against government’s all right
you’ve explained it well now I know
there are a lot of people that disagree
you know putting everything on the
blockchain type of thing but your aim in
real high with this and you’re brought
up a lot of topics that I got it that I
got a cover right now but Bitcoin
dominance has hit 70% again is this a
short-term thing what what’s your not so
again let’s split this into three there
are things like stable coins things that
haven’t emerged yet like art on the
blockchain or you know digital rights on
the blockchain revenue share stuff on
the blockchain all you know thing
have it emerged and there are there
existing crypto assets like whether it’s
Syrian or XRP or B&B III actually I’m
not again again I am a very pro
innovation guy I’m an innovator myself I
love technology I’ve been in technology
and trading since I was very young so
one I love the concepts of capital
markets and I love the concepts of of a
Novation and Internet in general I think
a lot of the crypto movement unifies
those two very very interesting markets
of money and something that’s tradable
with the ability to innovate and to
collaborate around innovation I think
that each of the different crypto assets
have a theoretical value and a
theoretical utility what whether one of
them will ever be as big as Bitcoin I
don’t think so whether some of them have
value I definitely think so I in any
nature there is a different type of
value right so it’s really about the
execution ability so what you’re asking
is is the team around a specific crypto
asset are they good enough to increase
the value in the utility of that crypto
asset in relation to its value today
which is the same as you’d ask around
the stock right so you buy a stock of a
company there’s a lot of intrinsic value
you can analyze like the profits
revenues etc here you don’t have them
but the main question you should ask can
the management team take this company
sort of and grow it to basically support
the growth of a stock so it’s the same
around if it’s XRP you’re talking about
ripple apps if it’s aetherium you’re
talking about the entire group of the
theorem development network or
foundation and if it’s been beats
obviously the baiance ecosystem for each
there’s a
theory of white make sense and how big
it potentially can be all right time
I want everyone watching this show this
has been a great one so far pal that
like button everybody
you mentioned aetherium I was I had this
lined up aetherium has been in the news
the last few weeks all over social media
people have been down on aetherium
what’s your take are you down are people
really just plain writing it off too
early here I think people are writing it
up if people are I believe Dolph I’m not
sure who’s right I think people who are
writing it off for people who never
wrote it in the first place so III
haven’t seen a lot of etherium
enthusiasts throwing aetherium our way I
saw a lot of Bitcoin maximalist
increasing their anti etherium tone
which again I understand
I think Bitcoin maximalism is sort of
like you know the priests of religion
that are protecting that religion and
you know when there is something that’s
religion like a lot of times the priests
or guardians of that religion would by
definition attack anything that’s not
sort of within that ecosystem and if
theorems is basically today the second
right it’s second to Bitcoin it’s it’s
you know versus Sigma it’s a significant
second but but I think that creates
nobody in the Bitcoin ecosystem wants to
see aetherium succeed let’s say more
than it is today and even wanted to fail
just to prove the point that bitcoin is
the only digital store of value and and
I’m not a hundred percent behind that
concept of heard of Bitcoin as religion
but though again I understand the role
like I understand the role of miners
miners mine to have the block rewards to
make money
the guardians of the Bitcoin religion
are trying to protect its value is the
king of Bitcoin is the king of
now I mean you and you did say earlier
that you really don’t see anything
surpassing Bitcoin in the future in what
it does I I definitely think Bitcoin as
as a crypto asset is a cryptocurrency my
intuition is you know you will not it
will never lose its Kingdom and the
reason is not necessarily the level of
the centralization which i think is
important and unnecessary the the
technology which i think is important I
think it’s really around the community
around it which is quite resilient and
the fact that and its brand awareness I
think I think you can’t buy what Bitcoin
means to probably hundreds of millions
of people today already you can’t buy
that for money it’s very hard to surpass
that again that’s one person’s view who
runs a company where people trade crypto
alongside other assets so yeah what am i
slogans is Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin
it’s not being all many coins try to be
the next Bitcoin only Bitcoin is next
Bitcoin with that in mind is a theory on
the next appearing in law for what it
does is there a pop do you have the same
confidence that and with its brand it’s
very well known that it cannot be
surpassed or you as strong in your
belief in terms of the theorem as you
are in Bitcoin not being surpassed if
you’re I think again for every crypto
asset you need to figure out what is the
utility of that crypto asset I think
Bitcoin money main utility today is a
censorship less store a value that has
the feet the transfer features are built
in into it right so and I think that’s
really doesn’t today the main sort of
core value of Bitcoin is that store
value and as such I think it’s the
king of crypto in that category and it
represents a hedge against government so
really its utility is how many more
people buy Bitcoin and old bitcoin is
the utility of Bitcoin which is quite
where theorem as an example has another
utility and the utility of aetherium is
really the usefulness of the etherium
network it’s about how many people
create decentralized apps that run on
aetherium and use gaps and how many
active users are using those apps and
increase the usage of gas on the theory
of network so far we’ve seen initial
success for the ethereal protocol with I
SEOs and I think we sort of also saw the
you know stirlitz looks for a sort of
demise of sort of the run free ICO rally
that we’ve seen in 2017 but I still
think you know I have Natomas in my
laptop I visited several daps
we bought some crypto kitties so I think
there is value but the real value of the
theorem will emerge as the ecosystem
matures and as there is a direct
correlation between how many users use
it taps on the theorem network how many
DAPs there are how much gas is used and
you can sort of and in every asset look
for the same analysis right be it be the
main utility of BnB is sort of discounts
on the B&B networks taking for iOS
benefits basically that they’re
inventing and pouring into the Ricoh
system so if you believe in the binding
seco system and let’s call it corporate
governance that will keep on that
relationship between the bindings
ecosystem finance users and the token
then potentially it could rise there’s a
lot of trust
embedded into the Seco system when there
are clear teams you know whether it’s
ripple labs with us therapy
or whether it’s the Tron foundation in
each of them you need to trust the team
to support that token for its utility
let’s let’s talk about something you
brought up briefly it was you said
stable coins and Libra
now Libra has obviously been in the news
the guy will be on stage within a few
days Rudy says libras not happening
what’s your thought on Libra and is it
is it going to happen your your innovate
innovation guys like the kind of yes I
think Libra is going to happen I think
generally it’s it’s a very smart nice
effort project driven by Facebook very
very inspired from the crypto community
though some crypto people would not like
to admit it they have launched an
open-source block in they have been
calling it the crypto it has initially a
network of a hundred validators somewhat
reminding stuff like eos or x RP etc
again other crypto assets and supported
in theory pseudo anonymous transfers on
the network that’s the initial white
paper so I think all of that means they
actually launched a very nice white
paper and potentially could raise
billions upon billions of dollars for
Libre will it happen yes I think
Facebook will launch it because mark is
Facebook Facebook is Mark and I think
it’s going to be hard for people to stop
someone like mark that’s my that’s my
view I might be wrong there the market
forces might be stronger than I think
but it’s a similar sort of structure as
aetherium has anybody stopped theorem
yet has anybody to close the theorem is
anybody sort of
after Vitalik in the etherium foundation
no so so my sleeper so different than
people think it will be stopped I don’t
know will is there a good chance that
regulators then it’s going to be a more
closed ecosystem there is a good chance
they’ll have to make concessions with
regulators to make sure that they’re
able to protect sort of anti money
laundering rules etc so will they launch
exactly what they said in the white
paper I think we’ll have to make
concessions towards regulators to make
it something that hoodie would probably
say so they just did another Apple but
they did sorry another paper but I think
you know Facebook building their own
PayPal together with PayPal in coinbase
and Visa and MasterCard and other group
of companies building sort of an
open-source payment network is a cool
thing and it’s cool but it’s based on
the blocking well this is the thing the
government bureaucrats I think they are
used to the paradigm where countries are
more powerful than companies and the way
it looks at outsiders is that Libre is
going to make its own currency and thus
Facebook is going to become more
powerful than many countries and I like
that I like that a lot what’s what’s
your take on this is it all right first
of all first of all Apple Microsoft
Google Facebook are already bigger and
stronger and more impactful in the world
the most countries not all countries but
most countries you know with a billion
users here and a two billion users there
there they’re quite powerful as is and I
think we are living in a very
interesting time where we have four four
says by the way these forces were there
even before crypto but I think now we’re
starting to see sort of the clash of
those forces it’s the large large tech
it’s the regulators and governments it’s
of a libertarian cyberpunk movement
which started all this and it’s the
traditional financial institution system
which is a very powerful industry yes I
actually I do think maybe I am naive
I do think eventually tech companies
have a relatively good moral and sort of
moral compass and what they don’t have
and I love that so if is they don’t have
weapons so how so first you know I
prefer give more power to entities that
don’t have weapons than to give you more
power to entities that have weapons
engine in general but I think it’s a
very big you know we don’t know and and
then multiply these four sort of forces
by the ones you know in the different
countries right because we are living in
the era of trade wars of populist
leaders sort of becoming the new type of
leaders are whoever’s outing louder
which is not by the way a great thing in
my opinion but that’s what we’re seeing
right now so those forces of trade wars
of the changing ecosystem together with
this technological paradigm shift I
think we’re just at the beginning of it
and I think twenty years from today
we’re gonna be in a very different world
and we live in today I agree it’s the
beginning of a Golden Age pound that
like button people you brought up the
four players one of them worked with
traditional finance which is very very
powerful van eck backed all these uh we
hear names that are going to enter the
space what is what is your take in a
what’s about to happen the news broke
obviously this week that ban act is
coming up with a sort of ETF that’s not
for the general public I guess what’s
what’s the role of traditional finance
in uh in the space or should people be
worried I think it’s ready uh I think in
general is the same role that newspapers
had in the internet so the the smart
ones will adapt all right so media
companies the trend newspapers who
figured out how to adapt to the Internet
potentially grew bigger the Internet is
bigger than the newspaper industry but
who ever learn how to build the website
and do clickbait articles managed to
grow their business through the internet
so I think traditional finance is going
to use block chain because vlog chain is
going to eat eventually traditional
finance the ones who are adapting to it
fast are the smart ones organs of
survive this paradigm shift Vinick in
general are very crypto Buller I love
you know what they’re doing
Jean Vinick in Gabor are very sort of
determined to see this Vanek ETF coming
up and I think they found a nice logical
potential solution too many kids only
accessible for accredited investors I
think or institutions let’s see let’s
see if it gets approved I think it’s a
great step in the ecosystem to enable
more traditional investors to buy
Bitcoin we want traditional investors to
buy Bitcoin traditional investors you
know pension funds asset managers will
find it very hard to buy Bitcoin regular
Bitcoin let’s call it so it makes sense
for it to be wrapped as an ETF and you
know things like backed or you know
which is sort of a spin of a vise
I think having more participants in the
ecosystem is generally a positive thing
do I think there is a lot of appetite
right now I’m not sure how BIG’s that
that is of institutional investors
running into crypto but let’s see well
everything will be transparent so you
know when something like a Vanek etf
launches at least one thing’s for sure
we’ll be able to see it’s a un like we
can see the AUM of gbtc of the grayscale
OTC traded fun now so yeah we it will be
interesting to see if they really do
have a big of an interest a traditional
finance people that we’ve been led on to
believe now in the current state and you
see your numbers how many people use a
trade crypto at the site and everything
retail regular people from the people
I’ve been talking to it appears to me we
haven’t had too many new retail people
lately get into Bitcoin regular Joes and
Janes ice Oh what are your numbers like
what do you think’s going on currently
oh we have seen a significant pickup
from the group to winter era okay right
which isn’t that isn’t that long ago six
months ago so we’ve seen significant
pickup in the interest in crypto
currencies over the past six month I
sort of from q1 to q2 we saw you know at
least growth of 200 to 300 percent if
not more in the level of interest of
consumers in crypto we’re still very far
off from the level of interest there was
in December 2017
now whatever that will come back anytime
as I I think it’s an open question so
that’s a recent realization I had is
well everybody is expecting sort of
crypto rally 2.0 to come I’m not sure
necessarily that’s the
the most probable scenario I think
there’s a good chance we’re gonna see
Bitcoin going up maybe 250 thousand but
it’s going to take you know five to ten
years of gradually going up through
gradual adoption through maturity of the
network through gradually more and more
and more people buying it I think there
is a possibility a scenario where it
goes from ten thousand to fifty thousand
and two month but that’s not necessarily
the best thing for the ecosystem and we
saw that last time because a lot a lot
of people ended up disappointed when it
did a a jump like that but I more people
I say you know it’s a roller coaster
it’s so early don’t get discouraged
because of tremendous drops over the
long run he is going up now you’re a
marketing guy I mean you I again I shows
that it’s advertised detours advertised
on the pier oh sure I’ve heard it on
I’ve seen it banner ads you just
sponsored Russell oaken’s event in LA
but this having that we have coming up a
Bitcoin happy and I’m going to tie it
all together in a second that’s natural
marketing for Bitcoin could that be the
trigger to to send instead of instead of
a ten-year or gradual build-up which was
one of your scenarios could that be the
trigger to wake people up this most
people don’t know about to have it now I
mean if you took a survey people I bet
most people on your site that are
playing around but they don’t know what
having is they’re just in it to make
make money so could they having be a
natural marketing tool and what are your
thoughts on that
III think that what the heaven does it
reduces inflation incur in Bitcoin and
it reduces it for the first time under
the inflation of gold so it’s only
becoming almost by definition the
deflationary asset you know from an
expected deflationary asset it actually
is becoming a deflationary asset
compared to all assets post having so
there’s gonna be less less block rewards
that miners can sell the market and
pressure price down so from a purely
logical point of
is that something that should support
price yes a hundred percent but
efficient market theorem says it’s
potentially already baked in the price
that’s because every everybody knows
happening it is coming so if everybody
knows having is coming it might have an
impact it doesn’t mean that every person
who is basing his trading strategy on
how things should have already bought
Bitcoin since he knows having is coming
so again there’s always a question of
what is already baked into the price I
still think there are a lot of people
holding crypto that if crypto now rises
to twenty thousand a lot of them are
going to sell and as long as that’s the
case there’s sort of a resistance there
but again this is you know this is the
markets the markets have the life of its
own we can wake up a month from today in
Bitcoin at five thousand or at fifty
thousand in the long term 100 percent I
agree you know as long as Bitcoin
remains King which I assume it does
we’re gonna see it was a significant up
uptick in price compared to today how
long it takes how exactly it happens is
something we’ll need to watch the
markets in this market I think you give
I think you give the market a lot of
credit for its knowledge I mean just two
years ago people were in the same market
where they felt these icos were totally
legitimate I I think the market is is
made up of a lot of people who do not
understand what they’re even do what
they’re what they’re doing that uh what
what the having is so I mean you said
everybody knows about the having I think
I think very few people so I just wanted
to toss that out there that uh I mean I
remember last time around as more and
more people found out about this having
thing the price did go up that Dan had
started to be priced in in my opinion at
least and it was a lot of stories were
written about it were more
there’s a lot of having – I see
something similar like that happening
this time but we will we will have to
see there’s still some time by having we
we have some time with you know so so
that might happen but maybe three six
months from today yes twenty nine twenty
twenty yet I don’t know I don’t wanna
rush things I’m enjoying it all right
you know I didn’t even know each ro was
based in Israel I had I had no clue
uh-huh until I was told you know you
would do behind you doesn’t go whoa
what’s going on you
what about thee you’ve been all over the
world what what about their Israeli I
crypto ecosystem is it is it bigger
better what’s your take on the ecosystem
they’re well they’re a lot I think a
hundred to two hundred crypto companies
in Israel startups I think a lot of
interest in the ecosystem a lot of great
pick around cybersecurity and crypto
assets coming from Israel around sort of
custody security of crypto assets some
interesting sort of companies that you
know like blocks that does portfolio
management across all of your crypto
assets Ledger’s exchanges so I think
there are a lot of interesting companies
in Israel a very vibrant sort of
ecosystem of innovators we have
authorial also coming here to Israel in
two weeks and the DD NT conference so I
think it’s a great ecosystem it’s
growing there’s a lot of challenges for
people on the aspect of actually getting
money in and money out of out of Israel
that people aren’t familiar with so the
banking industry is very anti crypto in
Israel so it’s hard for people to
actually convert crypto assets back into
fiat into Israeli bank accounts so
there’s a high level of regulatory
uncertainty but I think in general the
same as you
FinTech is a very big ecosystem there’s
about 600 FinTech companies in Israel I
think at least five FinTech unicorns in
Israel and I think that fin tick and
blockchain have a lot of connectivity
between them all right
III tell people value your wealth and
Bitcoin don’tyou don’t need to change it
back in the shekels people once you got
the Bitcoin just just live in the
Bitcoin live in the Bitcoin world will
tell us it a detour oh what’s the latest
news over there what’s your big what’s
what’s the big stuff you got to share
with the world it’s it’s time to promote
the company on here what’s the latest
and greatest thing going on eToro so you
know we’re very excited about the launch
in the u.s. we’re very new in the u.s.
we’ve been running eToro for the past 12
years around the world we have offices
in Australia in China in three places in
Europe in the UK and South Africa so
very excited about launching our crypto
platform in the US outside the US we
offer both stock trading and crypto
very looking forward to do that also in
the US within the next six month sort of
launching our complete offering in the
u.s. very excited about it Toro X we
launched recently our crypto assets
so we Toro in its core is a social
trading platform where you can buy both
stocks and crypto assets but it’s a Fiat
in Fiat out ecosystem we have been the
wallet which enables you to transfer
assets from the trading platform into
the wallet and we just recently launched
it or waxed but it basically enables
people to trade any crypto assets to one
another but together with it we actually
build our own issuance platform and
launched 12 stable coins we’re actually
going to launch a couple of additional
stable coins in the next couple of month
and the stable could basically cover the
top ten fiat gold and silver so
were the only crypto asset exchanged
where you can actually trade euro dollar
gold dollar gold Bitcoin litecoin euro
yen pound the combinations of both
crypto assets and our 12 stable coins
and we’re gonna now launch another range
of stable coins so we’re connecting and
that’s really how we look at the role of
eToro in the blockchain industry or the
crypto industry we’re sort of the bridge
between the traditional world of sort of
trading and investing and this new
exciting world of crypto trading well
you I’m just gonna ask you about stable
coins you’ve got you’ve got a lot
invested in it it seems like in terms of
you believe in stable coins you really
do you ready hey there’s a lot of people
that are just like so blah about it but
it seems like you’re on the other side
of things what is that was I I think
again we deal so much with the
traditional financial services industry
and you know I’ve had that experience of
working with you know probably four or
five dozen financial institutions banks
there api’s for me the ability again to
take a euro at a dollar again pound gold
silver an asset and being able to
transfer that asset from any place to
any place 24/7 with low fees and being
able to transfer it into my ledger and
then I decide where to send it next I
think that is an embedded feature that
needs to be embedded in any financial
asset in the world period III think
that’s a that should become eventually a
requirement that if you offer financial
services to people you need to enable
them to download the assets to their
ownership and send it to whomever you
want you don’t need to control it as the
financial intermediary anymore and I
think that’s what stable coin represents
stable coin represents basically a Nick
step in in the balance sheet of
companies and how they can enable that
balance sheet to move between people
between companies in a click of a button
through locks into cloud Wow
Yani hacia what a guest the CEO
perspective on this gigantic crypto
ecosystem remember Ellen that was a
Tuesday the 10th the the D and DD summit
it is linked to below he’ll be on stage
with booty and and me and we’re gonna
have a we’re gonna have a blast of
everybody come to that tel-aviv
blockchain week it’s basically already
started fly-in hang out bitcoin embassy
see everybody this is quite a town for
Bitcoin for cryptocurrency is there
anything else you want to add before we
say goodbye thank you very much for
having me and go eat or calm or download
our app to see how people actually know
how to trade crypto all right
all right this is this is the pleasure
Yanni I really hope you returned to the
show in the future I can’t wait to meet
you in person on Tuesday it is going to
be a blast
alright everybody that is it that was
that was this week at Bitcoin what a
classic remember check out all the links
below found that like button i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister subscribe to the channel and
shabbat shalom we will see you here
saturday there’s a new show here every
day this week in bitcoin is every friday
take care everyone see ya

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