TRAVEL – How to Round Trip From Senai To Penang Airport in Malaysia

good morning everyone today is Saturday
and it’s the 28th of January I have a
short trip from girboro Airport it’s
called scene I airport here in Johor
and I’ll be bringing you guys with me to
Penang. Penang is also part of Malaysia
and this area is popular for people who
have businesses there so even the
Singapore travels there too Penang for
business. I happen to be that I have a
job to do today it’s a short trip. it’s
only a few hours so I’ll be driving the
car and park in the airport for the very
first time and park there and I’ll bring
these items and
after that I’ll just make a u-turn back
so I’ll show you and let’s go!
Welcome to the airport of Senai guys. Senai – S.. E.. N.. A.. I. So this is the inside.
This is pretty near to Singapore.
if you happen to like to be flying from
here and you are in Singapore you can
come here by bus – to johor bahru and then from Johor Bahru you could get a taxi
to get here just in case and
alternatively there are also buses
yellow buses from Jurong East interchange
you can get here to Johor Bahru and then
again you could take a taxi that would
be the easiest option I could recommend
Still at the airport Here in Senai, and having breakfast while waiting for
the flight. and having this friend rice with
egg. egg, chicken egg.
and the hot tea tea with milk.
Hey Guys, now we are doing the printing of
the laguage or bag tag, so let’s do it
oh my
okay, print baggage tag,
and enter booking number. What’s my booking number…
Here you go. So this is the way how it’s done here.
Got you!.. We got our ticket! Let’s Go!
Question? Do you love chocolates? Which chocolates do you like?
Leave your
comment below and let me know!
Airport here in Senai is pretty much
decent, brand-new frankly toilet are
clean as well I’m very surprised. It really surprises me because
if you go to public
toilets here in Malaysia they are not that clean and here in Senai Airport
departure hall is pretty clean.
the bag is called Samsonite red a link
below you can get it in Amazon
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and maybe you like. and you could use my link as I have an amazon affiliate account
yes, not Philippines, you want to go to Boracay?
yes I would love to. really? Awesome!
I’m on the red set I, paid
for it without knowing anything.
so there’s a black at the back
red cover set.
no I just bought a ticket last night it
was emergency
who cares… insert the metal tip into the
buckle and tighten the belt by pulling
on the buckle strap. To un fasten,
lift the metal flap whenever the
seatbelt sign is on you must return to
your seat and fasten your seat belt
should an oxygen mask like this drop
from the compartment above your seat
Immediately pull the mask firmly towards you place
the mask over your nose
tightly around your head
and breathe normally place your own mask
first before assisting others under your
Hey guys we just arrived here in Penang.
Sweats of Penang. Chicken Pastries.
Hey guys, I will bring you and show you to eat the famous food of Penang
This is called Laksa Penang.
Hi, where to I order? Order there! ah okay, thank you.
Thank You we serve it to you. Okay, thank
So guys this is Tea Tarik and famous. I
love this tea tarik here from Penang. What’s inside is actually tea,
they put a milk like a special milk
and what did you is the putting in a big
container and they would do we will do
like this and so this is the reason why
there is a bubble here so this is tea
tarik. And this is the famous Laksa
knocks out began I’m not from the great
but because I don’t have much time here
there fore heading back to Senai Airport
soon have to show you this one. This is
quite famous. Famous in Penang. Famous as in for Singaporeans loves to eat this
I bought this thing behind me.. That shop there. is a native products of Penang.
This one is like a peanut
and I tried it and its nice.
Peanut with Almond
and last but not the least… The heavy one. There you go.. Product of Penang
Malaysia, Truly Asia. So I will be heading back now to Johor Bahru.
hey guys I’m back I’m back in the car so
all good
so that was my trip to Penang from
Senai. Johor Bahru
Senai i to penang Malaysia so
basically if i left, the flight was 8:35 and
I’m here now about
one point 1:30 so yeah it could be done.

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