Tutorial : Ouvrir un compte chez BITTREX | Open account on BITTREX

Hi huys, hope u doin well ! We are back for a new tutorial For open an account on BITTREX (trading) Some asked me where i trade, so i’m gonna do one on BITTREX and one on POLONIEX. Easy way to do, i’ll put link in description. When u are in home page, u have already informations about prices u can sort them,by name, or prices. to see differents percentage of currencies. Now u click on REGISTER (up right corner) I already register an other fake account U put your e-mail and password twice. Warning : u need one capital letter and a specific character. U click SIGN UP. (dont forget do click i agree and click sign up) U’ll receive a confirmation by email, with link to click on, and when all is done u come back on BITTREX And….we….are….gonna….login…..directly U login Here we are. We’re connected and we have more options. First u need to send bitcoin u can send others currencies
but u’ll have to sell them to bitcoin to buy others,
cause is done with bitcoin. First u go on WALLETS. U can generate one adress per currencie on BITTREX. Fisrt one top currencie will be bitcoin U have “+” to add and “-” to withdraw So u click on “+” to generate the deposit adress for bitcoin U click “new adress” Little slowly at this time. Dont remember if generated right after or… There are so many slowness at this time Here we are ! Bitcoin adress is now generated on BITTREX. So u can send now your bitcoins to this adress, to buy on BITTREX Right after, u’ll have your order in the PENDING DEPOSITS section Once good, u’ll have your balance with money on it, with 0% fees for bitcoin deposit. After, u can go on MARKETS, u can see some choices made by BITTREX We gonna take RIPPPLE ofr example U can search the currencie
by clicking on right markets icon, u put firsts
letters and it’ll find or Left markets icon, or u click BITTREX, and u are back to the listing With a little slider to show u some last trends, to access directly Slider just moved ! Didn’t click.. Back to Ripple First u can zoom the charts with mouse wheel, Interesting part for us is to buy (left) , buy some Ripple. And sell Ripple when we would like to sell (right) U gonna have your btc balance available (after u put on BITTREX) If u dont want to put all your bitcoins to buy Ripple, u can put an amount. But u can buy with all your
btc if u want=for example u have 1 btc and u want
to buy all ripple u can. U simply click on “MAX” and u’ll buy max ripple u can with the money u have. For Price, u choose LAST. U’ll have the last price of Ripple. We have 0 on max cause no money on this fake account logical 😉 Right after, u click “BUY RIPPLE” Instant transation, u’ll see
info box on right up corner, telleing u that order is
pending, and when it’s done. Once it’s done, u’ll have your amount of Ripple in the XRP Balance (on the right) After, depends when u want to sell (when u do benefits) Same as buy, u choose amount of Ripple u want to sell, or all if u click MAX Price=Last And u click on SELL RIPPLE Same as buying, u’ll have informations in right up corner, telleing u all is ok 🙂 Down, u have all market history. Buy and sell orders. Like
this u can see how goes the market.U have also amount
and price put by others. Here a sell order=9710 ripple for 2.13 btc At the bottom, u’ll have your orders history A fasterr way to see what we did on the currencie u look, when u dont remember ;). A good way to see what benefits we’ve done. What else?… On ORDERS tab, u’ll have open and completed orders listing. There are still some options to be integrated, like profit/loss calculator. In settings tab, u have for…… we can see that u have a limit of 1 BTC for a daily withdraw, without verification. It’s enough to start U can fill all informations
and give documents for verification when u want to
unlock your limits. As simple as it is. WARNING : active TWO-FACTOR AUTH , i have on all ! Google nothificator is an application available on all mobile, that’ll generate a key for login, right after u put email and password. Very good for security, i advice u to activate it. Now it’s over, we finished the lesson ! 😀 If u need help, i’m here if needed but i’m sure the video will help a little. Like, share, subscribe 🙂 See u on the next video to open an account on POLONIEX ! See u guys ! PEACE OUTTTT !!!! 🙂

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