Tyrone’s Statement on Kancolle Anime

Good morning Japan, and good morning America.
DIOMEDEA’s recent actions of producing the Kantai Collection anime
has invoked the rage of countless Kancolle fans across the globe.
Their track record is producing unfathomably low-tier Chinese cartoons,
and they have changed the appearance of goddess Akagi to that of a moeblob.
Shibafu’s Akagi will always be superior.
I hereby protest against the moeshit ecchi trash
that is DIOMEDEA’s Akagi.
Do not taint the reputation of Kancolle.
Do not taint the image of bauxite queen Akagi, as her image is holy.
Long live Akagi.
Long live Lord Shibafu.
God bless the bauxite queen.
Thank you, and have a nice day.

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