What is cryptocurrency? | IN 60 SECONDS

If you own cryptocurrency, or coin, you control
some numbers on a ledger that is stored on
computers all across the world.
The ledger contains all of the transactions
that have ever occurred for that cryptocurrency.
You control your coin through a wallet, which
is really just software used to engage in transactions.
You control your wallet through a private key
– a code – that is required to transfer coin
from your wallet.
Your wallet also has a public key that people use to send coin to you.
What keeps someone from changing the ledger
and stealing your coin?
A technology called blockchain.
Blockchain incorporates the existing ledger
into a code called a hash.
If someone tries to steal coin, the hash changes
and all the computers that store the ledger cry foul.
In fact, every time you engage in a transaction,
these computers, called miners, verify the
transaction by solving a complex mathematical
puzzle that involves the hash.
The computer that does this the fastest is
rewarded with coin, which keeps the system
financially viable.
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