what will happen on 29 April 2020/what will happen if an asteroid hit the earth

what will happen on 29 April 2020/what will happen if an asteroid hit the earth

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Hello Friends ,A rumor has shocked everyone that
29 April 2020 an asteroid named 1998 OR2
Will hit earth and world will end
Today we will tell according to religious scriptures
Whether it will happen or not
First of all let me tell you
That it has never happened in the past
And will not be in the future
And it will not happened that any asteroid will hit
The earth and destroy the world
I will tell you at the end of the video
Which religious scripture has given the main reason
For the destruction of the world
First let us understand with the scientific method
The size of the asteroid is about 1.8 KM.
And when it passes through the earth
On April 29,2020, it’s distance from the earth
Will be about 3.9 million miles
And the value of 1 million is 10 lacs
In this way the distance of this asteroid
Will be 39 lac miles from the earth
If you talk about Moon then you will be
Surprised that its distance from Earth is
Only 238855 miles
The saying is that if you compare Moon with
That asteroid then it is 15 times more far from
Earth than Moon
So the news of the destruction of the world is fake
It is written in the 8th verse of the 9 chapter
Of Shrimad bhagvat geeta that God destroy
This world from time to time
And also rebuilds it
Written on page no. 284 of Shri guru granth sahib ji
The Earth is destroyed and the creator
God takes time to open and close the eye
This is also related to the earthquake
Because earthquake is a only capable
Of destroying the world in a matter of seconds
In the Quran Sharif the complete truth of
The destruction of this world has been told about
What will cause the destruction of the world
It is written from 1 to 8 in surah Zalzala
99 of Quran Sharif
When the land will come in full swing
The earth will take out the burden inside
And the person will say what has happened
To him
That day earth will describe her situation
Because your Lord would have ordered him
Meaning that the destruction of the world
Will be caused by a very big earthquake
Not an asteroid collision
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6 thoughts on “what will happen on 29 April 2020/what will happen if an asteroid hit the earth

  1. Hello Friends, वीडियो में क्षुद्रग्रह का नाम OR 2 है, Zero R 2 by mistake बोला गया है ।इस गलती के लिए मुझे खेद है ।

  2. सब किताबें वेदों की नक़ल है पर सच्चाई सिर्फ वेदों मे है बाकि सब नक़ल तो है एक पंथी है जैसे वेद कहते है मनुर भव :यानि मनुष्य बनो, जबकि बाइबल कुरान आदि ईसाई, मुसलमान बनने की बाते करते है

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