57 thoughts on “Will bitcoin become a mainstream currency?

  1. Yeap, Not Bitcoin itself, but something similar will eventually take the place of all currency, using the Blockchain algorithm.

  2. He forgot to mention that he hi hiring thousands of illegals and handling them Americans' jobs. Kick the illegals out and give the Americans jobs back to eh hardworking low skilled workers.

  3. Bitcoin and other cryptos going to be the currency of the future, it has begun noone can stop it, 1dollar=1satoshi in the future
    too bad old geezers can't understand it 😂

  4. If Schultz and Starbucks want to "create value" they should stop selling mediocre coffee for premiun prices.

  5. He is right though. Charles Munger thought the bank bailouts were a good idea and calls bitcoin names while millennials parents lost so much in the financial crisis from subprime mortgages. Subprime mortgages were the real rat poison and with lack of regulation they will probably do some of that again then the tax payers will have to bail them out again.

  6. Sorry to the haters. What you do not understand is there is no stopping decentralized currencies. It is like trying to stop the oceans tide. Laws cannot stop it. There is no way to reason with it. And there is no way to shut it down. Its like dealing with jordan in his prime. They didnt hope to stop him, but only to contain him

  7. Litepay is the stupidest idea ive heard. Why use a litepay card when you can just use a debit/credit card.

  8. Look all Corporate tax liability ends up in the price of goods and services they offer, compensation to wage slaves and benefits they offset on workers in the form of Insurance, etc.

    The only way to have a fair tax policy is to stop giving all taxes out as various forms of corporate subsidies and welfare that indirectly subsidizes low wage labor costs for specific industries like fast food. We need to redirect that money to Democratically Run Worker Cooperatives where workers, who are consumers, are both benefiting from taxes and paying it out.

    Hopefully this empowers the majority fast enough to dis-empower big government and it's tax schemes!

  9. Lightning network could be answer for mainstream currency and we can always do fork on bitcoin to upgrade to different system, so we can keep Bitcoin name, users and amount of each address.

  10. She was trying to deflect away from the truth why give corporation a tax cut when they were doing well already

  11. Etherium can be controlled because it has a Gevernence. This is not decentralisation like Bitcoin has.

  12. It all comes down to TRUST. Crypto is trustless and that is why it will take over. No one trusts the FED or government anymore.

  13. Bitcoin will never become a mainstream currency because mainstream currency sucks. It is manupilated by central banks, governments and many outside factors. Bitcoin is the future and I'm glad to be part of it

  14. Yea if it get heavly regulated . and thatll just make commodities even more valuable . but highly doubt it will . federal reserve is already getting us use to inflation . until the dollar heavily collapses then maybe but then again its going to get heavily regulated .

  15. Also the energy it takes to mine and transac bitcoin is so much . the volatility sucks . bitcoin isnt a currency

  16. Bitcoin needs banks and fiat currency to work .and to do transaction . or else you are just trading useless digital illusion of wealth .

  17. It will become mainstream and replace the oversold and overvalued USD. Fiat will self destruct and better innovation will replace. You can't have a currency that's backed by nothing!

  18. Bitcoin had it's proper time & place, but it has major cons going against it today & in the future…..

    1) SLOW Transaction Times
    2) Costly fees/high energy usage to mine
    3) Scalability problems

    From a business perspective looking to solve mainstream currency issues, XRP is the most ideal digital asset. Before you knock it, do your own due diligence & research what Ripple is doing as a whole, it's very fascinating to say the least.

  19. CME is controlling Btcoin since Nov 2017 and artifically driving the price down. Look at the prices, its not allowed to increase again itll be controlled like Gold/Silver since they are afraid people will ditch Fiat currency. HODL long term, buy low and hold for years to beat the manipulation. Hold all different assets. They know Fiat is worthless so theres a desire to hold down Gold/Silver/Crypto

  20. Bitcoin or any other coin are entirely backed by official currency like USD, Euro, Pound. That's it. You want to create a real digital currency? Try not buying that currency in USD

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