36 thoughts on “‘You Are Too Smart To Be Acting This Dumb,’ Man Says About Former Roommate

  1. This man is mental and not in his right mind. He needs a conservator. Self destructive. Why didn't his ex wife file for conservatorship over him.

  2. They do keep birth records in the UK. God knows where you got that from. In fact in the uk everyone who dies has to have a pm, it's compulsory. So no chance of poisoning a person etc.

  3. Lmao. Yahoo. This is not the first time i am seeing a Yahoo boys case on Dr.Phil. if only we could one day get one of them on Dr.Phil. lol

  4. You know its going to be a good episode when an ex wife, a neighbor and a room mate 40 years their junior forms an intervention 😂😂😄

  5. He wants to be left in his sick, sad little world. Let him be a cautionary tale to other guys like him. Can't help everyone Dr. Phil, especially someone as arrogantly thickheaded as him.

  6. Just the look on his face, maybe the way his mouth sits or even his voice pisses me clean off !!!! How do you have an attitude when they are trying to help you SAVE YOUR TIME & MONEY😤

  7. I really hate how Dr. Phil laughs and makes his guests the butt of jokes with his audience. So unprofessional!
    Yeah it is stupid to think they’re real but maybe he is just incredibly lonely and wants to believe really badly

  8. This old dumb man is just enjoying sending money to scammers, why don't you send moneu to us, its not a scam it calls CHARITY 😄😄😄

  9. I was born in 84 and I graduated high school in 02 so if she was still in high school in 08 something definitely wasn’t right here at all

  10. Why do some people, especially the older ones, not accept the realities of their lives? Like no, a 25 year old woman is not going to have a passionate romance with you. But, if you're lucky, you can be comfortable and healthy and safe.

  11. Yeah the high school years are a big red flag, if that person was real they would have gone to high school late 90's -early 2000's

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